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The garments and accessories sold at The Maker Bazaar are all designed and made by small, independent brands and designers locally. If you would like to do your part in supporting these makers and their craftsmanship, focus your purchases in supporting them through our platform.

Let’s shop sustainable and ethical clothing!

About Us

Welcome to a new exciting concept store space by The Maker Bazaar! The concept store brings together the best of emerging slow fashion designers. We represent ethical and unique finnish design in women's clothing and accessories.

At the heart of The Maker is quality, timelessness and craftsmanship. The stories behind the designs, an appreciation of the handmade and a slower approach are central to our philosophy. We are excited to bring ethically made, high-end design clothing to discerning customers. The Maker curates unique, one of a kind artisanal slow fashion from Finnish and Singaporean designers with artisanal details. All of our clothing is made of natural materials, with sustainability as the core value.

Discover our store and learn more about our handmade clothing brimming with stories, we are more than happy to share the processes and inspirations with you!

tuula dress in blue tencel
Tuula shirtdress
sofia skirt rust back kopio
Sofia Skirt in Rust
Pear Hoops Beige - 24 carat gold-plated
Pear Hoops Beige
Saaristo beanie
Saaristo Beanie



The Maker Collection

Aurora sofia



Knowing and revealing your supply chain is important for makers, as it builds trust and honesty. We reveal where the garment was made, what the material is made of and where the material comes from.


All of our garments are made of 100% natural materials locally. We don't sell any clothing that is made of viscose or synthetic materials.


The clothing and accessories on this website have been carefully curated for the skilled craftsmanship,ethical labour, tailoring and know how behind them.