Vellamo Shirt in Rust

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Vellamo Shirt has a relaxed boxy fit. Short and straight hem. It is designed to wear with high waist trousers. If you like longer hem length, write a message to us and we make this shirt with longer hem for you. Pull-on style.

The fabric is 100% Tencel Refibra. It is woven twill that won’t stretch. This lovely fabric is both festive and down-to-earth at the same time. The surface of the fabric is peachy soft and it drapes beautifully. Fabric is made in Austria.

Designed, cut and sewn in Turku, Finland. Find out more about the maker here.

Sold By : Vuurran


The Vellamo shirt in rust is a part of the Fall 2019 Seventh wave – collection, which is inspired by the Archipelago Sea. The shapes of the waves and islands, the shades of the sea. The feel of the rock and sand beneath the toes, the sound of the storm wind. The scent of salt in the air.

The Archipelago Sea – pattern is a free-form interpretation of the Archipelago Sea map. The shapes of the islands are inspired by the data of the National Land Survey of Finland Terrain Database 8/2018.

When choosing the right fabric for the Vellamo shirt in rust, we thought about the type of material that best suits the purpose of the garment in question. After that, we buy a small batch for prototype work, from which we sew a sample piece. We will take the sample and study how the fabric can withstand washing and use. Everyday wear should be machine-washable.

This lovely fabric is 100% Tencel Refibra. 30% of fibers raw material content is recycled, pre-consumer cotton scraps from garment production, and 70% is virgin wood pulp. Tencel, also called lyocell, is cellulosic fiber of botanic origin. The production process happens in a closed-loop system where all the chemicals are recycled 99,5% and reused. The manufacturing process also consumes less water and energy than the production of other synthetic fibers. Lyocell is therefore the first synthetic fiber that has the EU Ecolabel. Tencel has good breathability, silky smoothness and strength. It doesn’t become electrified or feel sweaty. Fabric is manufactured in Austria. 

For sustainable fashion, dyeing is an environmentally harmful process that should be considered. However, the use of colors is so important to the appearance of the garment that we did not want to give it up. The Vuurran patterns are digitally printed. Digital inkjet printing consumes less water, energy, chemicals and dyes than other types of printing.

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Care Instructions

Gentle machine wash in 30°C. with mild process, iron max. 150°C (••), do not tumble dry, do not bleach. Wash inside out with similar colors. Tencel may shrink up to 2,5-5 %.

Empty the washing machine immediately after the program ends. Reshape the garment while it is wet and straighten the seams. Line dry in the shade as sunlight fades the colors. Iron the garment slightly damp to make it smooth easier.

Air the garment out after use to reduce the environmental impact of laundering. The garment also wears out when washed. Remove small stains by hand without washing the entire garment. Wash a clearly soiled garment so that stains or odors will not stick in the garment.


All measurements in cm.

vellamo shirt size chart


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