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Tyyni earrings

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Elegant and beautiful. Silky smooth surface and a varying pattern. Simple design and a lasting material make the Tyyni earring the little black dress of your accessories; always elegant and easy to use.

The wood is turned, polished and oiled by hand. The earrings are locally handcrafted from reclaimed wood material. Stainless steel on the hook is usually good for people with allergies, which it why it’s the safest choice for gifts.

Material 100% Reclaimed Ash tree and stainless steel hooks

Made in Oulainen, Finland. Find out more about the maker here.

Sold By : Pitu Woodellery


The Tyyni earrings are apart of the wood jewellery by Pitu Woodellery. Pitu Woodellery stands for a love of lasting materials and simple design. Scandinavian minimalism and the finnish love of the freshness of nature is where the ideas for our products come. The forms of the jewellery are very simple. They always shape according to the materials and their properties. The wooden jewellery is designed to support and emphasise the naturally occurring shapes in the tree. It makes the jewellery interesting and different from what we are used to. We believe that simple is beautiful, which is why our products have not been dyed in any way. They are genuine wood and they are used as they are.

The materials used are mostly finnish. We like to use real wood, so you won’t find plywood from us. Pine and juniper wood is taken from our own backyard and other materials are reclaimed. The reclaimed wood is leftover material from woodworkers, that would regularly be tossed out. We want our products to be genuinely sustainable. We want the jewellery to emanate traditional and skilled craftsmanship. Rare skills, that many do not possess today.

The wooden jewellery gets a surface treatment of undyed oil or natural wax, so that you can take care of your jewellery for yours.  You can clean the surface and oil or wax the wood again. If you need help with caring for your jewellery, we are happy to help.

Tyyni earrings are apart of a selection of wood jewellery. Find the full selection from Pitu Woodellery here.


Domestic: Packages are delivered within 1-3 days from the order. You can also pick next day delivery. If the product is not currently in stock, it will be made to order and delivered within 14 days.

International: Depending on where you are, your package will be delivered within 7-14 days.

Care Instructions

When the wooden surface needs cleaning, use a dry and clean thin cotton towel. If you need a deeper clean, try moistening the towel a little. Do not store the jewellery in the bathroom. Do not wear the jewellery in the shower, sauna or while swimming. Heat and humidity can damage the glue in the jewellery.


All measurements in cm.

Height: about 6 cm with the hooks


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