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A stylishly simple tube scarf, edges titivated with a narrow rolled hem. The scarf can be wrapped twice around the neck. The width is enough to make a scarf-headwear-combination – you do not need a headwear and a scarf separately. Linen does not make your hair static.
100% linen, woven in Poland. Consistent to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, pleasantly soft and stone washed fabric.
Made in Tampere, Finland. Find out more about the maker here.
Sold By : Hulmu


The Tube scarf is made of 100% linen. Linen is like good music or beautiful nature: there is something timeless and soothing about it.

Nature and music also serve as a source of inspiration for Hulmu products. Instead of fast-paced fashion, we focus on quality and longevity. Hulmu products are characterized by clear lines, functionality and durability. The starting point for our designs is comfort and product compatibility. Thanks to its durability and luxurious look, linen works at home and as occasion wear.

We strive to keep our inventory as small as possible and make almost all of our products to order. This minimizes the amount of waste and the unnecessary consumption that often accompanies discount sales.

Black and white are our permanent basic colors. In addition to these, our products are available in seasonally changing colors. Due to low inventory and seasonal color variations, we do not photograph every product in all available colors.

Linen fabric is breathable and cooling and is therefore hygienic and comfortable to wear. Due to its smooth fiber surface, linen also repels dirt. Due to its durable properties, flax has a particularly long life.

The 100% stonewashed linen we use is made from organically grown Polish linen that feels pleasantly soft even on more delicate skin. The fabric has an Oeko-Tex standard certificate 100: the dyes used are non-toxic. We always sew product labels individually for each product so that they can be removed without breaking the product if you so wish. Olive buttons are made in Italy. We use recycled paperboard in the price tags and our packaging materials are 100% recyclable.

The Tube scarf is a part of the mens and womenswear by Hulmu. Find the full collection here.


All measurements in cm.

70 X 180 cm

Care Instructions

Gentle wash in 60°C – we recommend lower washing temperatures if the product isn’t too dirty.
Two dot ironing – 150°C.
Gentle tumble-drying allowed.
It is better to give the product a short tumble dry instead of ironing – the result is a soft and smoothly wavy fabric.

The product label has been stitched separately and it may be removed without damaging the product.

Linen fabric stays in good shape for a long time. A product that has been faded by sunlight can be dyed again at home, and the product is like new.


Domestic: Packages are delivered within 1-3 days from the order. You can also pick next day delivery. If the product is not currently in stock, it will be made to order and delivered within 14 days.

International: Depending on where you are, your package will be delivered within 7-14 days.


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