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Sini trousers in Beige

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Linen trousers. Cropped length, high waisted. Fastening with five concealed buttons at the front. Pockets in side seams and one pocket at the back. Waistband with belt hoops.

100% Linen woven in Ireland

Made in Hyvinkää, Finland. Find more about the maker here.


The Sini trousers in beige are made of linen from Flax Mill, the only active weaving mill in country Derry in Northern Ireland. The yarn for the line is also spun in Ireland, in County Armagh.This linen is woven on a power loom, which was first invented in 1784. All the fabric finishes are natural, calendered or beetled and do not involve chemicals and are done in Ireland as well. The mill itself is over 200 years old and started operating as a flax mill in 1850. Marion bought it and converted it into a weaving mill in the early 90s. The owner of the mill, Marion Baur, is a champion of Irish made linen with over 30 years of experience as a weaver and textile merchant.

Linen production is almost zero waste, as flax roots are so long that almost 100% are utilised and leftovers like flax dust can be used for wall insulations. The seeds provide oil for dyes, paint, cosmetics and floor coverings. The by-products of linen production are processed into a pulp used for banknotes or fiberboard. Flax does not require irrigation during growth and needs little or no chemical treatment. Linen fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The environmental impact of spinning and weaving flax is virtually zero. The extraction of flax fibers is mechanical, so no chemicals are needed in the process. As linen garments are said to get better and softer with age and each wash, having and cherishing a linen garment for a long time is desirable.

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Care Instructions

Wash your linens at max. 40°C and if possible, line dry: it is best for linen and the environment. If using a tumbler, dry on medium heat. Iron with steam on slightly damp linen. Linen shrinks about 5-7% in the wash.

For stains, try the following:

  • Ink: Soak in milk, or in soap-and-ammonia mixture, and rub the spot.
  • Blood: Rinse immediately in cold water.
  • Fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate: Rub with alcohol, white vinegar and ammonia.
  • Candle wax: Scratch off dried wax, absorb residue with blotting paper and warm iron.
  • Greasy Stains: Rub with ammonia.
  • Red Wine: Rub immediately with sparkling water or white wine.

If stains do not disappear, you can try:

  • Soaking the linen in a good washing detergent, or dissolving 3.5 oz. sodium borate in boiling water, then add enough cold water to yield 1½ gallons, and let soak for 1 hour.
  • Never use chlorine bleach which may damage the fibers.

Try a traditional remedy: spread the linen out on a sunny meadow or your back yard for a few days!

We care about our waste! If the garment you have bought from us is no longer suitable for you and you can’t resell or hand it down, we will take the garment back. You can email us at [email protected] and we will give you the address to which it can be sent along with a discount code for the bazaar.

If you love the garment, but it’s broken or stained and you do not know how to fix it yourself, we suggest taking it to a professional seamstress.


All measurements in cm.

XS: Waist: 71.5, Length: 85

S: Waist: 74, Length: 90

M: Waist: 77, Length: 92

L: Waist: 90, Length: 94

XL: 95, Length: 96

The model is wearing size S and is 168cm tall.


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