Rakastan uutta aikaa necklace

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(FIN: “I love new times, which youthfully gallop forward. ”)

• Sterling silver
• 22 mm x 11 mm
• Hand-finished
• Designed and made in Finland
• Inquire about gold plated silver version

Sold By : Ordbord


The Rakastan uutta aikaa necklace in sterling silver is a quote from Fredrika Runeberg. Fredrika Runeberg (1807-1879) wrote two historical novels, edited journals, and led a peasant women’s association, but she is mostly remembered for inventing the Runeberg pastry. She was an avid reader as a child and had little left to learn when able to attend school. Runeberg and her widowed mother fled Turku when the Great Fire destroyed their home. These scenes of destruction and financial struggle inspired her historical novels. Exposing the heightened instability women faced during past wartimes was an opportunity to explore gender relations in Runeberg’s own. The author remains overshadowed by her husband’s legacy. Her full works were published only 70 years ago. But her own life story and rich literary works merit the public’s attention. She warrants a bigger legacy than a pastry.


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