Pohjan poika winter blanket

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Natural dyed Finnsheep wool combined with natural tones of wool and icy indigo shades. Natural dyeing is done in small batches in tight collaboration with Aurinkokehrä in Finland. Colour shades may vary from lot to lot, but we think that is what makes each woollen unique!

66 % Wool – 33 % organic cotton (GOTS Certified)

We have been working for years with shepherds and wool spinners to bring our own finnsheep breed’s wool into production. We process wool in small quantities to develop the best quality yarns for our wovens. In Finland sheeps can live a good life in small herds, enjoying the best care. The wool is processed into worsted special yarns by a small finnish spinnery, Pirtin kehräämö.

The GOTS standard ensures environmentally and socially sustainable manufacturing of cotton all the way from the fields to yarns. We buy our organic cotton from a German spinnery, specializing in fine cotton yarns. We prefer undyed, raw white cotton to minimise the use of chemicals in cotton processing. The raw white cotton is the softest one there is!

Made in Finland. Find out more about the maker here.

Sold By : Kultavilla


The Pohjan poika winter blanket is made with indigo dyed wool and cotton yarns in Espoo, Finland.

We combine the pureness of the Nordic nature with nature’s own fibres to create wovens that not only feel good but have a positive effect on wellbeing. Driven by our love of natural wool and the passion for designing functional woven textiles we have created completely new combinations of natural materials, Kultavilla woollens. Our textiles exhibit the nature’s organic structures and soft colours. These are the functional woollens either for cold winter or for milder seasons. The choice is yours! We create scarves, throws, blanket s and other accessories out of wool.

We use only natural fibres, organic cotton and several types of natural wool. Our speciality is using finnsheep wool, as it is local, ecological, and ensures that our woollens are fluffy and warm! WOOL, such fine material that no technology can copy its features. It’s warm, soft and holds all the features of cuddliness imaginable. To make a long story short, with all its fine qualities, wool is the wonder fiber!

The rich colour tones of our wool yarns are created with ecological natural dyes, utilizing as well the natural grey and brown shades of finnsheep wool. All our dyes are produced in ethical and sustainable manner.

If you love wool, you can discover all of the products made using wool on The Maker Bazaar here.

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Care Instructions

Taking care of wool is usually perceived difficult, but we highly disagree. Wool’s natural wax, lanolin, is coating wool fibre’s, preventing woollens becoming dirty. Usually keeping your woollens in fresh air for a while, will be enough. If you think that your woollens need a wash: ‘Hand wash, rinse, spin and let it dry’ is the key.

  • Hand wash at 30° with mild soap.
  • Rinse, spin, and let it dry.
  • If you wish to use a machine wash, use a gentle wool wash program at 30°.
  • Spin at 800 cycles for 1 to 2 minutes and let it dry. Use mild detergent or soap.

Wool in winter blankets is a blend of extra fine merino wool combined with very warm and fluffy finnish wool, origin from finnsheep. Finnsheep wool is natural without any chemical treatments, and felts easily.

Pilling is a natural feature of untreated natural wool.


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