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Get more different ways to style the Auri skirt or Luoto shirt with this pocket-belt combination. The Luoto shirt descends beautifully on its own, but why not spice it up with a personal pocket. Make your outfit even more personal with this removable pocket and belt.

100% Merino Wool knitted in Finland

Made in Finland. Find out more about the maker here

Sold By : Aurora Sofia


This pocket belt in merino wool is made in Finland from yarn to final product. It is a part of the Aurora Sofia collection, which is a Finnish designer brand of sustainable fashion. The collections are inspired by the Finnish nature with it’s strong contrasts, pure waters, cold grey rocks, rugged seashores and the world’s cleanest breathing air. They don’t want to contribute to the surplus production of clothes. Aurora Sofia products are made to last – only real, long lasting materials and timeless designs are used. The shirts, dresses, trousers and accessories work together to create a unified look. The pocket can be added to create an interesting design detail to any outfit.

Aurora Sofia is more than a brand. It is a way of living, eating, sleeping and breathing. It is more or less natural way of living. It is all about natural beauty, a natural look. It is body positivity, acceptance of your real self. Aurora Sofia stands for respecting others and yourself. The clothes are made in Finland – by adults, in good working conditions. It is a sustainable way of living, making the world a better place for all of us. Aurora Sofia is taking care of the world and people around you, it is long walks by the sea and in the woods. It is the decision of enjoying the moment. Aurora Sofia is knowledge, it is passion for understanding and learning. It is a question of trying not to give up. It is a freedom to make choices.

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Care Instructions

Machine wash in a gentle cycle at 30 degrees Celsius. Reshape to dry. Might shrink 6% when washed.


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