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Pineapple Leather Vest

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Vest shirt is designed to be worn as a regular shirt, buttoned on at the front and the back. Back is exposed, with straps inserted at yoke attaching to the back of the shirt with metal buckles. It can also be worn as a layering piece styled on top of Long Collar Shirt and Shirt Dress.

100% Pineapple Leather made in Spain

Made in England. Find out more about the maker here.

Sold By : Laura Jasiunaite


Pineapple leather is a textile woven from the long fibers in the fruit’s discarded leaves. Piñatex, which popularised pineapple leather, works with pineapple farmers in the Philippines who harvest and strip the fibers, which are finished  in Spain. To make one square meter of Piñatex takes 460 leaves – but there’s no shortage of the raw material. Global pineapple production topped 25 million tonnes in 2016. The waste from the top 10 producer countries could theoretically replace over 50 percent of global leather output. The material is essentially just a by product of the pineapple agriculture industry. No additional land, water or fertilisers are needed to produce the fibre.

After the fibres are extracted, they get degummed and undergo an industrial process to become a non-woven mesh, which forms the base of Piñatex. The rolls of non-woven mesh are then transported to Spain for specialised finishing. It also avoids the use of toxic chemicals and heavy metals used in animal leather production.

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Cannot be washed nor dry cleaned. Wipe surface with a cloth and water.


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