Pellava tunic in dusty pink

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Pellava linen tunic that feels and looks luxurious on.

100% linen woven in Poland

Made in Wroclaw, Poland. Find out more about the maker here.

Sold By : Pitkakuitu


The Pellava tunic is made by the Finnish design brand Pitkäkuitu. Pitkäkuitu means long fiber in Finnish and that is precisely what this brands specialises in. Making only garments and scarves out of 100% linen or pellava, Pitkäkuitu produces small batches of linen staples in Finland and Poland. Ethical production is a key value for them. They want to provide customers with high quality and responsibly produced linen clothing. The solid coloured linen fabrics are well-suited for everyday use as well as for parties. The pellava tunic in dusty pink is a classic staple for everyday wear and comes in a grey and dusty pink. Discover more about the brand and their selection here.

Linen production is almost zero waste, as flax roots are so long that almost 100% are utilised and leftovers like flax dust can be used for wall insulations. The seeds provide oil for dyes, paint, cosmetics and floor coverings. When ground, they form a flour used in poultices. The fibers have been used as sutures. The by-products of linen production are processed into a pulp used for banknotes or fiberboard. The extraction of flax fibers is mechanical, so no chemicals are needed in the process. As linen garments are said to get better with age and each wash, having and cherishing a linen garment for a long time is desirable.

Care Instructions

Wash the linen in 40 degrees celsius separately from the rest of the laundry, do not use full power washing for linen, short spin for about 30 seconds, ironing while the linen is still slightly damp.


All measurements in cm.

Bust EU size Size
98  cm 36 XS
102 cm 38 S
106 cm 40 M
110 cm 42 L
114 cm 44 XL


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