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Elegant but relaxed knitted merino wool shirt. The Luoto Shirt is easy to combine with trousers and skirts. A timeless piece of clothing for many occasions. The shirt has ¾ sleeves leaving the wrists beautifully visible. The cuffs are crinkled. Due to the manufacturing method, this garment is a zero waste product.

100% Merino Wool knitted in Finland

Made in Finland. Find out more about the maker here.

Sold By : Aurora Sofia


The material used in the Luoto shirt is Mulesing-free merino sheep wool. The wool is collected from sheep in Australia. It is knitted into fabric and sewn by hand in Finland. The Luoto shirt is well suited for sensitive skin because it is a soft and breathable material and not itchy like other types of wool. Merino wool regulates according to the temperature and is often favoured by people who do outdoor sports. The fabric is biodegradable and it comes from a renewable source.

Merino wool is often seen as the technical fabric of nature without the use of man made substances, because it also absorbs moisture without feeling wet or cold, is antibacterial and has odor fighting properties. Because of these properties, it does not really need to be washed and often airing or freezing it is enough. Wool is resistant to static electricity, making them less clingy on the body and unlikely to create static electricity sparks. It is considered to be hypoallergenic and is one of the most fire retardant fabrics available.

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All measurements in cm.

Bust: 120, Waist: 120, Hips: 120

Care Instructions

Machine wash in a gentle cycle at 30 degrees celsius.


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