Laakso Dress Powder pink


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Laakso is a wrap dress suitable for different occasions. You can wear it through the whole summer from city to summer cottage and from beach to parties. The dress is made of soft and comfortable ramie fabric. The color is uneven, like stone washed, and the tone could be described as powder pink or dusty rose.

The dress is wrapped on and tied with ribbons. There’s a hole on the right side seam for the ribbon to go through. The size is adjustable so that size S/M fits 36-40 sized women and L from 42 to at least size 44. Note that the bigger you are the larger the neckline will be. The short cap sleeve will protect your shoulders in the sun and the ribbons have enough length so you can tie them in many ways.

Ramie is a textile fiber from Asia. It is very similar to linen and hemp. The cultivation needs no fertilizers or pesticides and the water consumption is lower than for example in cotton.

100% Ramie.

Made in Helsinki. Find out more about the maker here.

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The fabric of the powder pink Laakso Dress is made of ramie, which belongs to the nettle family. It is a bast fibre. Ramie is also known as chinese nettle, grass cloth or China linen. The fabric is known for its strength and durability. Ramie fibre is naturally white and moisture absorbent. It makes the fabric very easy to dye and bleaching is unnecessary. The fibre is stronger than cotton, wool and even linen. It can be up to 8 times stronger than cotton. Ramie can be harvested up six times per year, and it is a perennial.

Getting stronger while wet, the fabric does not shrink or lose shape. Neither does it fade when exposed to sunlight. It resists mold, mildew and other microorganisms as well. Because the process of making ramie from fibre to fabric is long and expensive, it hasn’t gained widespread popularity. Ramie fabric is very breathable and can resist high temperatures just like other bast fibres. Because of the sheen of the fabric, ramie appears silky and looks luxurious.

The Laakso Dress in powder pink is currently our only product made of ramie, but we have dresses made of nettle and hemp. Find all our bast fibre products here.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

Ironing is recommended.

The dress should be stored on a hanger or folded loosely to avoid permanent folds.


All measurements in cm.

The model is 167 cm tall and she is wearing size S/M. The length of the dress measured from shoulder to hem is 94 cm in size S/M and 96 cm in size L.


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