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KOIVU multifunctional necklace

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The KOIVU necklace is inspired by Finnish nature and its many faces. Green and lush birch forest in the summertime, gray and rough landscapes in the autumn and winter wonderland. The same view can look totally different during different times of the year. The KOIVU necklace (koivu is Finnish and means birch) has many different looks too. KOIVU can be worn vertically or horizontally and the length of the chain can be adjusted (70 cm or 60 cm). One side of the necklace has a rough matte finish and the other side has more modern, highly polished, shiny finish. The KOIVU necklace is made of silver.

Total length of the chain: 70 cm (chain can be adjusted to 60 cm as well). The length of the pendant is approximately 5 cm and the diameter 0,8 cm.

Made in Tammisaari, Finland. Find out more about the maker here.

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LIIA is timeless jewellery design, sustainable choices and handmade luxury. The KOIVU multifunctional necklace is one of the unique pieces from the collection.

Every piece of LIIA Jewellery is designed and made in Finland by goldsmith artisan Laura Ikonen. LIIA Jewellery is mostly made by hand using traditional goldsmithing techniques but also modern technology such as 3D modeling is used. Goldsmith Laura uses 100% recycled silver whenever possible and all leftover material is reused later on. Only sterling silver (also known as 925 silver) is used as a material by LIIA Jewellery. Silver was also the choice of material, because it can be recycled endlessly.

The KOIVU multifunctional necklace is a limited edition and unique piece. Find the full selection of silver jewellery from LIIA here.

Care Instructions

Always put jewellery on last after spraying perfume, hairspray or other cosmetics. It is also recommended to take the jewellery off before going to sleep or showering and swimming.

At home you can clean your jewellery by using a soft towel or a soft toothbrush and mild dishwashing liquid. Do not use hard brushes or toothpaste! They can scratch your jewellery.


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