Juuriansa kiskoen necklace

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• Sterling silver
• 22 mm x 11 mm
• Hand-finished
• Designed and made in Finland
• Inquire about gold plated silver version

Sold By : Ordbord


The Juuriansa kiskoen necklace in sterling silver is a quote from Katri Vala. Katri Vala (1901-1944) is remembered as a radical modernist poet who promoted peace and opposed fascism. She grew up in Porvoo, Finland. Her high school education allowed enrolment into a seminary for school teachers in 1922. Most of her adult life was spent teaching children, but in between school hours she also wrote actively political poetry. This creative work led her to interact, and in certain aspects lead, modernist artistic groups like Tulenkantajat and Kiila. An early death from tuberculosis did not stifle her legacy as a political writer that simultaneously modernized her country’s aesthetic sensibilities and promoted European peace.


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