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Clear & Blue Double Flower Drop Earrings

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Look unmistakably striking as these beautiful blue double flower drop earrings drop down to just above the nape of your neck, accentuating an elegant and feminine look. The petals are clear, with the inner flower flaunting a bluish hue, adding mystery and intrigue. This intricate pair of earrings takes inspiration from a forest fairy, free and flowing in its expression.

Incredibly light and great for all-day wear, whether for work, parties or even for more formal settings like a wedding. Versatile in its beauty and utility!

Besides upcycled PET Plastic arrangements, this earring uses copper plated parts (hooks, chains, clasps etc.) that are coated with 14k gold. Our earrings are allergen-free and devoid of lead, nickel and cadmium.

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The Clear & Blue Double Flower Drop Earrings is apart of the collection of recycled jewelry from Upcycle with Jing.

I first collect PET plastic bottles from the streets or event venues of Helsinki. Bottles are then washed, sanitized and prepped for my jeweler’s studio where I, Jing, personally work on your order.

Your jewelry is made with an intricate process where I first cut the plastic into shapes inspired by flowers, nature and art forms. Then, using candle heat, I very carefully curl the plastic into the beautiful organic shapes you see featured in my product portfolios. I then adorn your jewelry with beads, leaves and other fashion accessories. A final assembly ensures perfectly durable and functional wear. Every step of my creative process is a very conscious one, designed to minimize plastic waste.

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the Key Flag mark. Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective mark. It demonstrates that the product has been manufactured or the service has been produced in Finland, creating Finnish jobs. The objective of the Key Flag Symbol mark of origin is to provide information on the Finnish origin of a product or service and its contribution to Finnish work.⁠

The jewelry can be customized. Simply send us an email and we will gladly create your custom request.

The Clear & Blue Double Flower Drop Earrings is apart of a collection of flower inspired jewelry. Find the rest of the jewelry collection here.


Domestic: Packages are delivered within 1-3 days from the order. You can also pick next day delivery. If the product is not currently in stock, it will be made to order and delivered within 14 days.

International: Depending on where you are, your package will be delivered within 7-14 days.


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