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The Asento shirt first appeared in 2003 in the first collection of MUKA VA. Designed by Erika Iso-Heiniemi, the knit is asymmetrical and the right sleeve loosely folds from shoulder to armpit. The cotton knit “Dots” is one of MUKA VA’s classic knit fabrics. The fabric is knit by Orneule in Orivesi, Finland. During use, the cotton knit stretches slightly, but shrinks back when washed. It is important that the fabric is put into shape when damp to prevent shrinkage.

100% Organic Cotton knit in Finland

Made in Finland. Find out more about the maker here.

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The Asento Shirt is a MUKA VA classic. It has the neckline that is an iconic and recognisable part of their collections.

The Asento Shirt is made in Finland from yarn to dress. The organic cotton fabric of theAsento Shirt is made in Orneule. Founded in 1978, Orneule Oy is Finland’s largest knitwear manufacturer. The knitting factory is located in Orivesi, where more than 0.5 million kilos of fabric is made annually. The fabric mill wants to take responsibility for the future of the environment. They do so by providing customers with greener materials and reducing carbon footprint.

The knit fabric has been awarded the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class II. The cotton yarns used are also GOTS certified. Only organic fertilizers are used in its cultivation. No pesticides or chemicals are used in cultivation. Organic farming keeps the soil fertile and the environment free from chemicals. Orneule Oy complies with Finnish and European environmental laws. These laws prohibit the use of many chemicals that are still used around the world. By making high quality knitwear, they want to support sustainable development. The goal is not to make disposable materials, but to make knit fabrics that last year after year.

Orneule Oy’s products are made in Finland from start to finish, which is why they have been granted the made in Finland Avainlippu stamp. Find out about the other production processes and places from MUKA VA täältä.


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