Abstract silk top

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Light blue hand painted silk top.

Dyed with reactive dyes. Reactive dyes are toxin and heavy metal free, use less water, less energy for heating and require no acids.

100% Silk

Made in Singapore. Find out more about the maker here.

Sold By : Kopou


The Abstract silk top is made of classic mulberry silk. The habotai silk used in the garment comes from China, where most of the world’s silk is made. This type of silk was chosen, because it is easy to dye. It is naturally an ivory colour and is shiny and light. Habotai originates from Japan but is mainly produced in China nowadays. Silk is biodegradable, renewable, antibacterial and flame retardant. It takes about 2500 silkworms to produce a pound of raw silk. Compared to cotton for example, there is far less impact on the land, water and air, and it doesn’t involve the use of pesticides. There are energy inputs to grow the mulberry trees used to extract the mulberry leaves to feed the silkworm larvae. Mulberry trees actually provide a carbon sink – sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. The silk industry – also known as sericulture – provides employment to rural populations.

The Abstract silk top is one of the hand dyed pieces by Kopou. The top has a hand painted pattern. The collection includes tops, tunics, dresses, scarves and robes. All pieces are hand dyed using either screen printing, shibori dyeing, block printing or painting, or a combination. Find the full collection by Kopou here.


Care Instructions

Dry clean only


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