What defines us koru

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• 27 mm X 13 mm
• 50 cm ketju
• Käsintehty
• Suunniteltu ja valmistettu Suomessa
• Tilattavissa myös kultaisena. Laita meille viesti!

Tekijä : Ordbord


The What defines us necklace is a quote from Jane Austen. The works of Jane Austen (1775-1817) need little introduction. She became one of the most recognizable names in literature through only six novels. But little surviving evidence makes her biography difficult to ascertain. It is known that she read intensely and wrote from a young age. The Juvenilia, with famous humorous stories like Lady Susan, was compiled in notebooks from writings written age 11 to 17. These works displayed unique talent in a young writer, which she refined with each successive novel. Ingenious plots and modes of representation earn her work continued academic interest and an ardent readership worldwide.

The What defines us necklace is only one of the texts by Austen. Find the rest of the collection of text necklaces by Ordbord täältä


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