Can I make a return?

Yes, but we urge you to consider carefully before buying a product, as it is a waste of resources, time and money to return items. The Maker Journal allows makers to create their own return policies. If a buyer exercises their right to return an item within 7 days, the seller must reimburse all payments, including the original shipping charges, received from the buyer. Once issued, a refund cannot be canceled. Some of our makers allow 14 day return policies, so check their page.

Our payment providers Stripe and Paypal support the ability to refund charges made to the The Maker Journal’s account. If the original charge underwent currency conversion, the refunded amount is converted back using the same process. The buyer sees the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon the bank.

Please note that we do not return and refund:

–          Campaign products

–          Discounted products

–          Any products (like made to order) where it is specifically stated that the product cannot be returned

Depending on the maker, so check the product information carefully. This varies between 7 to 14 days, depending on the maker.

How are my items shipped?

Each Maker on the website ship items from their studios or workshops; to check their shipping policy, see the product’s additional information at the bottom of the product page.

Each Maker offers their own shipping so if you order two products from different makers, they will be shipped separately.

How am I protected as a buyer?

If you choose to save your card information, it is stored with Paypal and Stripe; The Maker Journal does not store any payment information, except got the last 4 digits of your card and the expiration date. These serve as a link to the payment provider. All payments are encrypted. Find out more about PayPal’s protection here and Stripe’s protection here. Our payment providers Paypal and Stripe both offer comprehensive buyer protection.


When something goes wrong with your transactions, PayPal Buyer Protection has you covered. Get a full refund if an eligible order isn’t significantly as described, or doesn’t arrive at your doorstep. Find out more here.


Stripe uses Radar to assess payments and detect fraud. Find out more about their buyer protection here.

How do I search for products?

Search criteria include:

–          Gender

–          Garment type

–          Color

–          Design country

–          Material

–          Clothes Size

–          Shoe size

–          Price range

Then press Discover to search. 12 results are shown per page below.

You can also search products by selecting makers from the main menu. Selecting a maker then shows 12 of their products per page below.

How are clothes and shoes sized?

Each garment has the following sizing parameters: XS, S, M, L, XL.

Please refer to the shoe sizing chart below:















Please refer to women’s clothing sizing chart below:














Please refer to men’s clothing sizing chart below:

Are colours accurate?

We have done our best to represent the colours as accurately as possible. Please note that room lightning, screen brand and configuration also impacts the colours. This makes it difficult for us to guarantee that the colours are accurate.

What is the wishlist and how does it work?

As a registered user, you may maintain a wishlist. The wishlist enables you to store products of interest that you can later delete from the list or add the to the shopping cart.

Why do you want me to sign in?

If you sign in, you can:

–          Maintain a wishlist

–          Maintain personal measures and shoe size

–          Maintain billing and shipping address

–          Maintain email and phone contact

–          Review previous orders

How do I know that the order is confirmed?

You will get a confirmation email when your purchase is successful.